Tentative Thoughts on the Silent Hope Cast

Silent Hope (2023)

After six and a half hours on launch day (yes I know I have a problem) here's how I feel about the cast so far after getting all but one of them (Caster) to level 15.


Solid all-rounder that can pump up some damage quickly. His shield tackle is god-like - multi-hit stun, assuming it doesn't delete enemies on contact. Second class has some interesting moves but I got a sword that bumps the damage on Spin Slash so I only replaced Iron Wall with Shield Throw. It's good until you're dealing with single targets.


Her default kit is trash besides Quick Strike. But once you unlock her second class she goes SHMAZY. Sneak Attack getting reset on enemy death means you can just teleport through mobs and make them pop without getting touched. Her dash being a teleport helps you get out from getting swarmed too. Stack some crit gear on her and go wild. Absolutely love her atm (also she's cute).


She's okay at base class. Howl into Fell Swoop is good, and the Charge is alright. But her second job is where she starts to shine. Buffing damage is fun, then her other two skills let her clown on groups of mobs with her gigantic, long-lasting AOE hitboxes. Great for floor clearing quickly.


He's white-haired and carries a bow but isn't Yehn? Yes, and I know this because Archer is...alright, but Yehn is perfect, as we all know. They have good crit, and spread shot + rapid fire drops enemies, but their second class is kinda trash, except for the costume, which is incredible. But Bear Trap isn't great either. So I'm kinda just using two skills atm which is cheeks, but at least I can pump stats in them.


She's similar to Warrior, in that most of her best skills show up at level 15. That said, Snack Time is fantastic. Random buffs every 20 seconds might put her at the top of the tierlist, it just takes work to get the rest of the interesting kit at level 15. Her stats are weird tho lol.


I'm gutted because I love Fighter's design and her kit, in theory. Her class upgrade is great, but she currently struggles next to other characters when it comes to crowd control. Her single target output is godly, but you're not fighting single targets that often in a Diablo-like, are you? Great for bosses but I'm struggling to see where else I'd use her.


Uh he's hot and I like his spells.

This might change as I progress through the game! In fact, it's very likely.